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Neil Munnoch

Neil Munnoch

Co-founder of nordstar*, Neil brings his wealth of more than 25 years experience delivering effective programmes and solutions for clients across a range of sectors. Having witnessed the damage that consultancies can do with cookie-cutter approaches, Neil and co-founder Dan set up nordstar* to offer something different, we are passionate about delivering customer-focused programmes that are designed around our clients, their organisations, and customers.

Neil's passion lies in improving customer experience and driving organisational change, and he's become an expert in areas including business architecture, digital transformation, technology delivery, customer and user experience design, business and technology strategy, Six Sigma, change management, and transformation.

He's delivered innovative, sustainable programmes, projects, and solutions with a strong customer focus and has been recognised for his design, delivery, and execution of effective and innovative programmes.

If you're looking for a partner who can help you deliver successful, customer-focused change and business transformation programmes that are tailored to your organisation, Neil and nordstar* are here to help.

We are experienced in building high-performing teams that deliver results. Let nordstar* and our experts work for you and see how we can transform your organisation.